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Green Practices
At MGV, we sell energy saving products to support the food retail industry in their efforts to lower their costs and reduce their impact on the environment.

To date, MGV has helped reduce over 35 million tons of CO2 emmissions! Every year Econofrost night covers help save 3.5 million tons of CO2 emissions. We are striving to double this and want to thank the many retailers, independent stores and large chains that have helped make this a reality. Thank you!

We ourselves also strive to meet the challenge of minimizing our own impact on the environment and have established a few key green practices to support this. This is done by encourage recycling throughout the office and by carpooling.

We are proud to report that over 1/2 our office carpools to work everyday, significantly reducing the carbon footprint of each employee.

We recycle all paper and cardboard products and encourage all staff to use recycling bins placed within the office, including the kitchen, where we recycle all returnable products.

In addition MGV is a proud supporter of Partners for Prosperity, a non-profit initiative dedicated to developing social economies. MGV contributes by donating office space, computer equipment, monetary dontations, volunteering time and resources that help establish programs in many third world areas like Haiti (5 organizations there) as well as in our own local community.

We also make a conscientious effort to turn all lights off when we leave the room, power down our printers when we are not using them, all of our office equipment is specified to be energy efficient and cost effective where possible.