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Market Group Ventures, Inc. is the parent company of Promolux Lighting and Econofrost Night Covers.

For over 30 years, Market Group Ventures (MGV, Inc.) has produced and continues to produce innovative retail products for supermarkets and grocery stores.

Our product line of food specific lighting and energy saving night covers conserve energy, protect & prolong the shelf life of perishable items and reduce overall operating costs.
Our supermarket products increase sales, lower costs and save food items. Call us today.

Our clientele includes: food retailers, large chain stores and small independent specialty shops, institutions like universities and hospitals and food courts.

Many of our customers include:

Improve product integrity with Promolux Lighting for Display Cases
  • Grocery Stores & Supermarkets
  • Convenience Stores & Gas Bars
  • Butchers
  • Meat Packing Facilities
  • Dairy Plants
  • Ice Cream Parlours & Candy Shops
  • Delicatessens and Bakeries
  • Flower shops
  • Universities & Institutions
  • Hospitals
  • Medical Offices
  • Museums & Galleries

While we work closely within the grocery retail industry, our industry experience and product lines allow us to work closely with many individuals and organizations including:

  • Utility companies,
  • Energy consulting companies,
  • Lighting specialists,
  • Refrigeration service contractors
  • Building designers & project managers
  • OEMS (original equipment manufacturers)

Our head-office and warehouse are located in North America however; MGV is a global company with another office in Europe. As a company we have grown over the years to amass a distribution network that services more than 30 countries world-wide.

"We have seen a tremendous increase in the interest and purchases of night covers. We have been impressed with the partnership Market Group Venture has with us to educate and sell energy saving night covers to our customers. The quality of the EconoFrost night covers is outstanding and is unparalleled in other brands. We are proud to sell them and look forward to much interest, sales and continued MGV support this next year and beyond." - General Parts - October 2009

"Serving in our capacity as manufacturers' representatives and now as a full-fledged distributor for the Promolux and Econofrost product lines, Frontline routinely enjoys the courtesy and follow through from the staff at Market Group Ventures. Our satisfied customer base is now one of our greatest assets. Customer referrals speak for themselves. All of us at Frontline appreciate your support and encouragement." - Frontline Inc, working with MGV Inc. for over 13 years (1996 to present)